bright yellow picnic table

Jul 7, 2013

bright yellow picnic table

A few weeks ago we picked up an old picnic table for $15 from a garage sale. I have really been wanting a picnic table to eat at out in the shade. We don’t have air conditioning or a swamp cooler, but we do have lots of trees and it is high time we take advantage of their shade by eating outside all summer long.

The table needed sanded, primed, and painted. All of which I have no clue how to do, but I decided I would give it my best shot because I really, really wanted a cute picnic table in my yard…remember my little plan to spruce up my yard a wee bit? But, my sweetie came to my rescue and did all the work. All I had to do was pick out the paint color! After scouring the interwebs for pics of picnic tables I decided on School Bus Yellow. I love how bright and cheerful it looks. I almost went with an aqua, but decided the yellow was just the ray of sunshine I need in my life.

Sanding it down.


All sanded.


Richard gave it a full gallon of primer, yes, it took three heavy coats of primer before the wood stopped drinking it up like a thirsty camel. Notice it is already quite yellow because the paint lady at the store added our yellow tint to the primer. I had never heard of doing that and I think it is brilliant. Here he is just starting to add the yellow paint.


All finished! I love how bright it is!


Now it is in place in the shade. I think it looks great against the green, but my mama thinks she needs some sunglasses on before she looks at it. Now we can eat outside morning, noon, and night! Especially night, our house is kind of like a sauna come 6:00.



I hope it doesn’t attract bees!

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  1. Anne

    It looks adorable!!!

  2. I love it!

  3. Mindy

    I love picnic tables, and I love yellow. I painted my picnic table aqua a few years ago, and I love it too. (Although it needs repainted… it’s a little too rustic now. ;)

    • tracy

      Oooh, I wanna see a pic of your aqua table! I’ll bet it is charming!