moola for muscles

Dec 11, 2013

Katherine, Jessica, Jennifer, and Tami have all been pushing me to allow them to do a Physical Therapy fundraiser. I have fought it and fought it, but they finally convinced me with the following arguments (all paraphrased a bit, but you’ll get the essence of what they said).

Kat – “Trace, your family needs you to function. Your husband and children need you. They have been taking care of you for the past two years and if there is a way that you can heal, you owe it to them.”

Jess – “Trace, I KNOW. I KNOW you don’t want this to happen, but it needs to. You need to let us do this.”

Tami – “What do we need to do! Let’s do it. Come on Trace! Let the hundreds of people who love you help you. Do I need to come over from Australia to do this? Come on, I’m booking a flight!”

Jen – “Tracy, I love you so much. If you need physical therapy, you need physical therapy. Let us help you. We love you.”

Kat again – “Trace, the truth of the matter is, it takes a lot of people to take care of you and it is getting more all the time. All of us are taking time away from our families to help you and we love doing it, but it is a lot. We will do WHATEVER YOU NEED FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES. But, if you can heal, then let’s make that happen.

All those arguments sunk deep in my heart and I have been pondering them for over a month. Especially Kat’s. It is true. I have asked a lot of my friends. They have driven me all over Timbuctoo, taken me to umpteen doctor’s appointments, held my hand and listened to me scream during the awful Prolozone injections, have lovingly listened to my crazy ranting when I am ready to throw in the towel and go live in a hole, and have picked me up off the floor over and over again when I collapse. They have been the best save-my-sanity-and-heal-my-hip friends a girl could ever ask for. I thought of dear Sheri who has been with me a lot lately during the passing out episodes and how many hours she has taken away from her family to sit with me while I am unconscious. I thought of how her poor body has had to pick me up and support my dead weight and how much that must have hurt her. I thought of the people at church who have carried me out of the building and loaded me up in my car while drool is running down my face and my dress is all skiwampus. I thought of my dear, dear husband who has left work repeatedly, dropped everything he is doing to come and find me in a heap on the floor. I thought of all the sleep he has lost, the worry lines that have etched themselves permanently onto his face, and how his needs have been on the back burner for oh, so long. I thought of all the money, time, and effort our family has given to get me better.

So, I finally said yes.

I need to see Dr. Jones every week and the only way for that to happen is to allow others to bless me with their hard-earned cash. If you would like to join these dear friends of mine in making a difference in my life, go check out the fundraiser at Moola For Muscles.

Thank you all. From the bottom of my heart and clear down to my little toes, thank you for serving, supporting, and loving me. Thank you for making this miracle happen.

Now to wipe the tears away and read a book to Annesley.

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  1. Thank you Tracy. We love you. I am proud of you for coming out of your closet. It’s dark in there and you deserve to be in the light.

  2. Sheri

    I have been in a holy place every time I have been given the privilege to help you. Now you are allowing others that same opportunity! What a gift! Thank you!

    • tracy


      You are SO good to me. Thank you for loving me. It means the world to me.

  3. Tasha L.

    Don’t you feel one bit hesitant to do this – you know very well if it was anyone else in your group of friends you would have already organized the fundraiser, raised the funds, and done whatever else it took to get them the help they need. You have been the pivotal force behind helping so many others. It’s about time we do something to help you. I hope the fundraiser is wildly successful.

    • tracy

      But Tasha, that’s just it! I love doing these things for other people! Love, love, love it. Being on this end of it is a tender experience of a totally different sort. I have spent much of the past two days with tears streaming down my cheeks as I have read the kind things people are saying about me over at the fundraiser website and on Facebook. I am overwhelmed by the words, actions, and financial contributions that have been shared with me. It is almost too much for my heart to take in.

      There is a bounteous pile of love in this world and I am so grateful to be part of it – giving love, receiving love, and spreading love – it is a joyous experience.

      Love you so much, so, so much.

  4. Meg

    The bible says you have not because you ask not. I firmly believe that applies to those of us down here when dealing with one another, too, and I say that as someone who absolutely hates to be the one asking. It’s a hard and humbling thing, but you did it and I hope you will be blessed!