kandinksy concentric circles

Nov 16, 2011 by

kandinksy concentric circles

Color is a power that directly influences the soul…color is the keyboard…the artist is the hand that plays.

We are using our Art Treasury book to study artists and on Monday we studied Vassily Kandinksy. We learned that he was born in Russia in 1866 into a musical family. He began his career as a lawyer and in his thirties he started painting. He loved to study how colors blend together and how they contrast with each other. He believed colors expressed emotions and feelings in the same way as music and he felt the effect of colors so strongly that just looking at them caused him to hear musical sounds.

Since we are surrounded by music in this house, we talked about that idea for a while, and everyone agreed they had never heard music when looking at colors. Maybe we just aren’t artsy enough?

Keziah’s circles

Photo 211

One thing I hope they learn from this focus on artists is that each of us is an artist and we all have a message to share with the world in our own unique way. I hope they experience a wide variety of styles and learn that the best way to get their message out is to be true to themselves.

Fisher’s circles

Photo 213

Annesley’s circles

Photo 218

We have spent more time painting in the last few days than we have in months. Its something all three of the younger ones can do together and it is so fun everyone is excited about getting the paints out the next day. I can already see I need some oil pastels and watercolors for the two younger ones because sharing Keziah’s self-purchased ones isn’t working out as well as I hoped. She guards them a little too carefully and the two little ones don’t feel as free to explore as I would like because they are so worried about breaking or wasting her supplies. When they use normal crayons and crayola watercolors their results aren’t what they want and they are no where near as vibrant, so I need to get them their own and then not freak out if they get broken.

This is good for me. It is good for my brain to get out of the heavier academics and turn on the creative side for a few weeks.

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the usborne art treasury

Nov 13, 2011 by

the usborne art treasury

I am not an artist. At least that is what I used to say. Now I say, let’s paint! Let’s draw! Let’s try it out and see what happens!

This has been a journey for me and actually, it is one I am still on because sometimes I let those old scripts play in my mind that say “you are not an artist”. I determined long ago that I did not want my fears and phobias to be passed on to my children. They can make their own, but they don’t need to be burdened with mine. So, I overcame a pretty serious creepy-crawly phobia and now have bug-lovers for children. I am working on overcoming my kitchen, sewing, and art anxiety and one way I do that is by surrounding myself with great information.

Like this book.

It is one of our favorites and we are creating all sorts of amazing things with it. The book is laid out in four page sections. The first two page spread showcases an artist’s life and one of his or her works. The next two pages give step-by-step instructions to create your own masterpiece in the same style as the artist just spotlighted.


And even for a recovering art-phobe like me, it works wonderfully well. So well, my children don’t even know the extent of my limitations.

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