the little red hen

Something very exciting happened today…

I found TWO missing library books! They have been missing since September and today they were found with the Christmas books in the mini-library.

So, I sat down with Fisher this afternoon and read them to him. I figured since we are going to be paying quite the hefty fine for them we should probably read them once before I took them back!

What we found was utterly delightful. I love the story of The Little Red Hen and this version has just moved to the top of my favorite versions list. It is illustrated by Jerry Pinkney (who also has a fabulous Noah’s Ark book) and I think you will love it just as much as we did. One of the incredibly cute things is that the word “pig” is pink and the word “dog” is brown. It is adorable.

the little red hen

The other missing library book is Whose Eyes Are These by Elizabeth Burman Patterson. This is worth checking out as well. It has pictures of an animals face on each page and a little poem about the animal that helps the child figure out whose eyes they are. Fisher loved shouting out the answers. I love rhyming books for young children because they are so proud of themselves when they guess the correct ending of the sentence. At the end there is a mirror for the child to look into and see their own eyes. Wonderful book!

whose eyes are these

By the way, two years ago, during my pregnancy with Annesley, I instituted a new family library policy because we had so many fines and lost books. It is thus:

We can only check out books that we are willing to buy. If they are not worthy of being permanent inhabitants of our home, we may not check them out.

This helps me to know that if we do lose a book at least it is a welcome guest if it ever turns up again.

*****Yes, the books are returned to the library now and we can stop the staggering fines from getting worse.

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