I’m Tracy, a forty-something wife of one, mother of six, who loves to read, think, and laugh…hard. I am learning how to love homemaking, appreciate afflictions, and go to bed at a decent hour. I adore my husband, cherish my children, delight in my friends, and treasure my books.

My husband and I teach our children at home and yes, we love it. Learning and growing together as a family is an adventure I feel blessed to be a part of. My children are growing up and finding their own ways in the world. We only have two children left at home that I am homeschooling. Our oldest two are now married and we currently have two grandchildren.

Each week you will find me in the gym, teaching children to trust their bodies, develop their courage, and grow their muscles. I have been teaching gymnastics for almost all of my adult life and currently have about 80 homeschooled students. My muscle strength and flexibility are no where near what they used to be before I was injured with a labral tear in 2012 and have since had major injuries to my feet, knees, ribs, hands, shoulders, neck, and jaw as a result of my faulty collagen. I spent much of  the 2012-2018 years in a wheelchair, having seizures, lying in bed, in a wide variety of braces, fighting pain, and refusing to give in to despair. My official diagnosis is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and while I must find ways to live with my body and its limitations, I am also determined to live with joy and purpose. Through my dear family, amazing community of friends, and miracles from God, I am living with hope and passion. Stem cells treatments in Mexico have played a huge role in giving my body a shot at normalcy and I cannot say thank you enough to those who make it possible for me to receive them. I also take wonderful plant-based supplements that have enabled me to make mountains of progress.

In 2020, my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor, a vestibular schwannoma. He had it removed two weeks before the world shut down due to Covid. It has changed our lives – deepened our love, strengthened our faith, and given us new limitations with stronger determination to live fully.

Mentoring children, youth, and adults is a huge part of my life and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities this provides me to build relationships, study hard, and invest in others growth. My adult colloquia (book discussion) group has been a pivotal part of my education and I love helping others figure out how to start one in their own communities. If you would like my booklist, contact me and I will send it to you. I teach a variety of classes on statesmanship, worldviews, mindset, and falling in love with writing and math. I previously served on the Board of Directors of iFamily Leadership Academy and Midwives College of Utah.

I am an ardent book lover and dream of owning a delightful children’s bookstore with a daily storytime by moi. Maybe when I am 80 I will make that dream come true? For now, I read to my family every chance I can get and speak at conferences and to other audiences about The Magic of Family Read-Alouds.

I have been incredibly blessed in my life and am committed to passing on the goodness that has been shown to me. Each fall, our family does a big service project and throughout the year, we do other smaller projects. You can read about them at Save The World Projects and we always LOVE help, so please consider joining us in making a difference in the world.

Laundry, dishes, schedules, and order are big challenges in my life, but little by little I am conquering them. Sometimes I am even able to walk through my room without injury! I enjoy singing at the top of my lungs, screaming with delight, giving (& getting) bear hugs, camping, hiking, sleeping, playing games, doing back flips, and riding my Elliptigo. A midnight bowl of ice cream or a giant bowl of popcorn (olive oil and REAL Salt) along with an hour to savor a book with no interruptions is a welcome addition to any day.

Need to know more?

You know how a favorite book calls your name to be read again and again. That’s how it is with these posts…I love rereading them.

Maybe you will too.

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