what you were born to do

Jun 18, 2009

Some inspiring quotes from G. G. Vandagriff, a writer over at Meridian Magazine.

A weight lifted from me, and I took a deep breath. Then, another message came, ‘Death is not the ultimate tragedy. The ultimate tragedy is not doing what you were born to do.’

When we are living hand in hand with our Savior and Father in Heaven, doors will open so we can accomplish what needs to be done. Our greatest enemy will be self-doubt, which can crumble faith faster than anything.

D&C 132: 24: “For this is life eternal to know God and Jesus Christ, whom he has sent.” Any road that takes us to that destination is the road we were meant to take.

Find the rest of this article at Meridian Magazine.

When I read this article this morning, a smile filled my heart. Finding one’s mission in life gives you purpose each day, determination to finish the task, and joy along the way. I believe that knowing you are doing those things that God sent you here to do changes everything. It makes the late nights possible, the exhaustion doable, and the excitement palpable.

Go read that last quote up above. Do you ever wonder if you are in the right place? Do you ever wish you could go back in time, change a decision, take a different path? I have.

That quote up there brought some lovely thoughts to my mind. If I end up closer to Christ, to knowing Him, to being like Him, then the road accomplished what it needed to. It helped me in my journey. I need to stop questioning past decisions, stop beating myself up, stop wondering and be grateful for the paths that have led me to want to be a mother, want to serve my fellowman, want to be kind, want to repent, want to rejoice, want to love, and want to give my heart to my Lord.

I am reading The Lord of the Rings right now. The travellers are right in the midst of this, wondering if the choice to go through the mines was right, if the choice to go down the river was right, if the choice to go to Rohan was right…and yet, they are on the right road. They are accomplishing their mission. They need to trust.

We all do.

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