new words

Oct 12, 2009

bird (buuuurd)
more (mo)
side (siiiiide)
goodnight (g’niiiiight)
hot (haaaaaa)
fish (eeesh, eeesh)
quack (wack, wack)
dog (dah)
cheekie (eekie)
freeze (eeze)

Annesley is experiencing a language explosion. She has started saying all of these words in the past week or so. She cracks me up because she is so proud of herself.

Her favorite word right now (and for many months) is “NO” shouted at the top of her lungs when she really means it or given in answer to every question we ask her when she usually means yes. “Would you like a bite?” we ask. “No” she responds, and then opens her mouth to eat it. “Do you want to swing?” we ask. “No” she says, and then runs to the swing with glee (this girl LOVES to swing).

It is so fun to watch her growing up. She is delightful even when she is driving me batty.

Her current approach to driving me batty? She feels that she owns the phone and that every phone call MUST be for her and no one else can talk. If she doesn’t get to answer it and listen to whoever is on the other end of the phone for a LONG time, she just screams so loudly that we can’t hear the phone call anyway.

Thank goodness my mother calls and talks to her several times a day. We would all go insane if not for her!

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