a symphony of whales

Nov 10, 2009

At end of our family devotional each day, we read a picture book. I recently checked out A Symphony of Whales by Steve Schuch and illustrated by Peter Sylvada and today we read it. What a treasure! Blythe is fascinated by whales and I thought this would keep her interest, while also being of interest to the little ones. It is quite a trick having such diverse group of ages, interests, and abilities, but this book kept them all engaged.

a symphony of whales

This book is based on a true story of 3,000 beluga whales being trapped in the ice flows during the winter of 1984. A group of villagers and a Russion Icebreaker worked for seven weeks to clear a channel for the whales to escape to the open ocean before the winter cold completely froze the ice over and killed them all. Through the perseverance of the villagers, the tenacity of a little girl to follow inspiration received through dreams, and the beauty of classical music, they succeed in freeing the whales.

This wonderful story brings in arctic life, fulfilling your mission, listening to promptings, trusting our children, working hard, believing in miracles, the wisdom of the old, ocean life, ships, geography, and music. It is a gem! You can find it at your local library or on amazon right here.

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