thankful thursdays 12/10

Dec 10, 2009

I missed last week’s Thankful Thursdays because I was posting about the $70 miracle. With only two weeks till Christmas Eve my heart is full of gratitude for the blessings of my life. I have a Savior that loves me, access to God’s word, a husband that loves me, four beautiful children that only drive me crazy some of the time, food to eat, a warm house, and friends that enrich my life. What more does anyone need?

* Freecycle tops the list this week! We have been given an old, dinged up dresser that will be perfect for holding Annesley clothes that are strewn, piled, and horrendously stacked all over my entire bedroom. I have been working for the last two days on cleaning it and moving it in to my room…not a small feat when you consider the absolute messiness of my bedroom. Blythe and I just moved it in and I need to get busy filling it up with clothes that fit AND are in season and packing all the rest away.

We were also given an 8 year old iBook laptop! It has some various power issues, the wrong keyboard, and a broken CD-Rom drive, but it is a laptop for Blythe and she will be able to type up her papers on it for her various classes after we get the keyboard switched out.

There are so many nice people in the world willing to share what they have been blessed with and no longer need. If you aren’t on a freecycle group, I highly recommend you join one. We have been able to pass on things to people who really need them and have been able to get things we do need…what a great system!
* Good books. I finished The Story of the Trapp Family Singers today and just loved it. I am also reading Ella Minnow Pea, The Gift of the Jews, Little Britches, and lots of Christmas books and just loving the messages of “Do something good, serve others, stand up for what’s right, be your best self, try harder, and sing more” that I am getting from these books. What a joy books are!
* Christmas music. I love it. Some of my faves:

Do You Hear What I Hear?
Breath of Heaven
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Joy to the World
O Come All Ye Faithful
Hark! the Herald Angels Sing
The First Noel
O Holy Night
Mary’s Lullaby
Silent Night
I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
Carol of the Bells
Hallelujah Chorus
Angels We Have Heard on High
Christmas Prayer

* Popcorn. It is such a wonderful treat to eat late at night with a good book and quiet all through the house.
* Wool felt. It just may turn me into a sewer! I love creating things with it and so I have planned a big project for my children for Christmas. If my idea turns out cute (or even halfway cute) I will share it here with all of you.
* My computer. I mean really what would life be like without it? Can you even remember life before Google, iTunes, blogs, and internet banking?
* Coats, gloves, and polypropylene underclothes. I hate being cold. Can you imagine being on one of the handcart companies that lived in cold like this with cotton clothing???? My suburban doesn’t have heat up front and it is all I can do to drive it for any length of time and I am not outside walking, pushing, or carrying.
* The Old Testament. I cannot wait to start studying it next year! I think I am have to start going to another ward so I can attend Sunday School each week. Primary is great, but I really miss weekly gospel discussions with other adults.
* Christmastime. I love snuggling up with my children each night and reading a Christmas book with them -it is my favorite part of each day. I love the lights, sounds, and creating that is part of the season. I love thinking about my Savior and evaluating my relationship with him. I love the goodness that spreads from one heart to another and am always amazed at the miracles that are wrought by ordinary men and women on behalf of others.
* Inside toilets…it is so cold outside…need I say more?
Back to the bedroom!

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