trapp family singers

Dec 10, 2009

I have been reading The Story of the Trapp Family Singers for the last couple of weeks for January’s colloquium and just finished it in the wee hours of the morning. Such a delight! I was taught once again the power of God, the strength of family, and the connectedness of community. The author, Maria Von Trapp, created a door in which once I walked through I was able to experience the heartaches, joys, hard work, frustrations, simple pleasures, and determination to do good right along with the family. ch

One of my favorite parts is when the family has been asked to sing for Hitler and they have to make a choice between fame, fortune, and security in the new world of the Third Reich or a life of principle in which they must give up their home, their country, and their friends.

Their father says:

“Children, we have the choice now: do we want to keep the material goods we still have – this our home with the ancient furniture, our friends, and all the things we are fond of? Then we shall have to give up the spiritual goods: our faith and our honor. We can’t have both anymore. We could all make a lot of money now, but I doubt very much whether it would make us happy. I’d rather see you poor but honest. If we choose this, then we have to leave. Do you agree?

As one voice came the answer: “Yes, Father.”

“Then, let’s get out of here soon. You can’t say no three times to Hitler-it’s getting dangerous.”

Another wonderful part is when the mother is very sick and is told there is nothing that can be done for her medically. Her friends from all over the world start praying for her and she is healed. She shares the story of the man who was brought by his friends to Jesus to be healed and how the crowds did not stop them, they were determined to have their friend healed and they climbed the roof and lowered the man right in front of Jesus. We are then told “And when Jesus had seen their faith, He said to the sick one: ‘Arise, take up thy bed and walk.'” She talks about how she now understands how the man must have loved his friends for helping to bring about this great miracle because that is how she feels about her friends who prayed for her and whose faith brought her back to life. That is how I feel about my friends as well. They have prayed, put our names in the temple, given much, and have loved us so dearly that I will forever be grateful for the love of good friends.

If you haven’t read this book yet, pick it up today and get started. It will be a gift to your soul this Christmas season as it teaches faith, family, fun, and friendship.

I need to hurry and get ready for my cello lesson, so ta-ta for now, I’ll be back with Thankful Thursdays this evening!

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