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Jul 8, 2010

The music video that Keziah was in back in March has finally been released!

The story of the video is that the children attend a very restrictive school where they are fed slop for lunch, given 5 seconds to play with one ball at recess, have boring lessons drilled into them day after day, and they are just supposed to live with it. They are supposed to be good little students obeying every demand of their teacher. One girl decides to lead a revolution and make some changes. She orders pizza, finds the key to the ball cage, and inspires all the children to escape.

Now, some of you may be offended at the disrespect shown by the children in this video…that’s okay. I won’t be upset with you if you are offended. It bothers me an eensy-teensy bit, but given what resources the children have to fight back, I think they used the tools they had in powerful ways.

I am thrilled Keziah had the opportunity to be part of making a movie. It was a great learning experience for her to see what goes into producing what we see in our media laden world every day.

Here is the link:

Taylor Swift Music Video for “Change”


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