book bonanza – thanksgiving reads (and audios!)

Nov 23, 2010

I am up late waiting for my brother to get here. He has been driving here since 3 p.m. and it is now 11:05. The trip normally takes him 2 1/2 hours. Craziness is what this snow has been today.

Since I am up and barely staying awake, I better start typing so I can keep my eyes open till he gets here.

I love books. You all know that, right? I have a huge collection of books and love sharing them with others so they can fall in love with books, too.

Our favorite Thanksgiving books are Stories of the Pilgrims read by Jim Hodges and available as an audio download here, The Thanksgiving Story by Alice Dalgliesh, The Pilgrims of Plimoth by Marcia Sewall, N.C. Wyeth’s Pilgrims by Robert San Souci, and Three Young Pilgrims by Cheryl Harness.

We love listening to Stories of Pilgrims and hearing the whole history of this unique group of people, why they left the Church of England and what a hard choice it was. I highly recommend downloading it and listening to it tomorrow while you get ready for Thanksgiving. My love for these courageous, dedicated people grows by leaps and bounds each time I revisit their story.

I also love the CD A Thanksgiving of American Folk Hymns by the BYU Choirs and Orchestra.

These are just some of my favorites, what are yours?

I hope your dreams of making this Thanksgiving special come true and that you and yours have a joyous day in whatever form it takes!

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