book bonanza – sleds on boston common

Jan 10, 2011

sleds on boston common

What a fun story this is! The redcoats have moved into Boston and the soldiers are camped out on Boston Common, the best place in town to go sledding and skating. One little boy is determined to sled down the steepest hill in Boston on his 9th birthday with his brand-new sled. The only way to make it happen is to work up the courage to talk to General Gage himself. In the process, young Henry learns that General Gage is a father too, and is not the beast, nor the wimp, some of the newspapers have made him out to be.

Sleds on Boston Common is based on true events and filled with lovely artwork…I’m betting you will love it just like we did!

p.s. Have you checked out the children’s section at Hasting’s yet? It is full of little-known treasures! This lovely hardcover was in the bargain bin for $4.99!

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