those little moments to remember

Jan 17, 2011

All children say hilarious or precious things we want to remember. My mother has been telling me for years to write them down and I almost always forget. We have had several in the last few days and I am going to put them on here so they are safely recorded for the annals of history.

Fisher sitting in church in his adorable olive green suit, white shirt, and orange, blue, green, and brown striped tie (one of his Christmas ties) said, “Whenever I put on my Sunday clothes I get a itch!”

Annesley picked out the opening song for Family Home Evening tonight and said we were singing “The God Who Is Going Away In A Manger.” We all tried so hard not to laugh out loud and embarrass her.

Annesley after Sacrament meeting yells to Keziah, who was trying to help her, in her VERY loud voice “NO! I AM GOING TO MY CLASS!” Yep, the whole congregation heard her.

Fisher taught Family Home Evening tonight and he was so serious about the whole thing. He acted as if he were conducting General Conference (worldwide meeting of our church) instead of our little family gathering. He committed all of us to be better followers of the commandments. In all seriousness he looked me in the eye and said “Mom, will you try hard to do better at paying your tithing this week?”

Pretty darn cute!

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