thankful thursdays 2/10

Feb 10, 2011

* Last week I was blessed with so much love…and yummy food! Thank you to Kari, Tasha, Jennifer W., and Cami for making us immune-boosting foods to help this household get back on track. Six people being sick for days on end is pretty miserable and your food helped us immeasurably! Richard isn’t sick yet, but his throat keeps feeling like it could start scratching at any moment, so we are doing our darndest to keep him well.
* My next door neighbor brought over a care package for the sniffles…so cute! It was full of stuff to pamper myself while I was sick. She is one of the most thoughtful people I know. I really need to learn some lessons from her!
* I am thankful for the New Testament. We are having a wonderful time traversing through Jesus’ life and teachings.
* I am so thankful to have been part of Delinda and Burt’s birth. It was an amazing experience that I will always treasure. I loved praying with them and seeing their Catholic faith in action. I loved watching their beautiful children love and serve and play with one another. I loved being in their home. I loved holding Delinda as she birthed her baby with determination, humility, and power. I loved watching the look on her face go from sheer exhaustion to pure joy as she looked at her baby for the first time. I loved watching her little one latch on for the first time. I loved talking with Delinda afterwards and hearing what was going on in her mind and in her heart as she labored.

I am so grateful this little one is here and grateful they have allowed me to doula their family through their childbearing years. It is one of the greatest blessings in my life.
——————————————————————————————————————————–* I am grateful for my home. I am grateful to spend so many hours of my life here in my home with my children. I am grateful for the safety, the peace and quiet, the trees, the warmth, the space to learn, create, and build, the furniture to snuggle up on, the roomy kitchen we can all cook in at the same time, the easy-cleaning kitchen floor, the ginormous bathtub in my bedroom, the downstairs doors that let oodles of light in, my bedroom windows that allow the sun to greet me each morning, and the toilets that flush. I am grateful for the outside world that brings gobs of opportunities for exploration, hands-on science, and adventures. I am grateful for the owl that keeps me up at night and reminds me why living in the country is so grand. I am grateful for the three fox who keep walking around our yard. I am truly blessed.
Time to go read some more Paul Bunyan to Fisher, Kez, and Annes. We are having a great time with tall-tales right now.

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