make ‘n’ break

Mar 30, 2011

Tonight I pulled out a game to play (all I really wanted to do was go to bed, but I decided to focus on the question “how does it feel?” and decided my children needed some feel-good attention from their mama and papa tonight) and we had so much fun. We have had this game for years, but it hasn’t gotten much use lately. My Math Alive! boys love it and I thought maybe it was time for my own children to play with it as well.

Make 'n' Break

What a hit!

The game has cards with pictures on it and ten solid wood blocks to make into the picture on the card. You race against the timer and get points for how many pictures you complete each turn. Ravensburger products are some of our favorite because they always have high-quality pieces built to withstand the test of time.

Fisher, Annes, and Kez (Blythe was gone to her Financial Peace class) all loved it. We had a wonderful hour playing together and it was exactly what we needed to reconnect after the last week of crazy schedules, mama being gone a lot, sewing a lot, and everyone being kind of grouchy to one another. Keziah was super fabulous at putting towers up speedily and to my great surprise, Fisher was really good at constructing the different diagrams. His building skills have skyrocketed since Christmas when he was given his first Lego set by our amazing Secret Santa. Annes was as enthusiastic as ever and wanted to have a turn every thirty seconds or so.

All the kids begged to play tomorrow during school time, so I will pull it out again in the morning. It is a great spatial math game and also develops dexterity and sequencing skills. Can’t wait!

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