another black hamster

Apr 19, 2011

This morning we took off on a spur of the moment trip to find a new dwarf hamster for Keziah…she chose the brother of Corrie. At least we think it is a brother…it is pretty difficult to tell males and females…but this one acts much different than Corrie did. He is not nearly as cuddly, he makes a strange zipping noise, and he poops a lot. So, we are thinking he is a boy.

Keziah is deciding on names right now. She can’t decide between Peter, Frodo, Sam, Pippin, Zazu, Rhino, Balthazar Blake, and a few trillion more. I am hoping she chooses a name I can live with and not some movie sorcerer’s name.

She has moved the cage on top of her bookshelf so Sadie can’t reach it and she is not allowing Sadie to be in her room unattended. We are really, really hoping this plan works.

Photo 143

He looks a lot like Corrie, but Keziah says he is lots bigger. I don’t think he is nearly as adorable, but maybe he will grow on me.

While we were in town we had a stop at Great Harvest, a fairly frigid picnic that turned into a great visit with a friend who has been trying to ask me questions about TJED for months, and a trip to the library. I am going to start reading Human Accomplishment : The Pursuit of Excellence In The Arts and Sciences, 800 B.C. to 1950 by Charles Murray and I checked out Chancy and the Grand Rascal and Mountain Born to read to my children. Anyone read these? Are they worth our time? I am also reading Understanding the Times by David Noebel, I Am The Clay by Chaim Potok, and The Children of Hurin by J.R.R. Tolkien. I need more time to read!

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