thankful thursdays 4/28

Apr 28, 2011

* Our classes at iFamily are over…it will be nice to focus on other things for awhile, but today I am full of gratitude for the wonderful experiences my children have had. We have had a fabulous time in Sewing, Knitting, Voice Lessons, Vocal Jazz, Art From the Heart, Shakespeare, Logic & Debate, Ballroom, Love of Music, Guitar Lessons, Children’s Choir, Lali, Story Station, and of course, Math Alive! The mentors my children have had this year have inspired them to work hard, nurtured their hearts, and led the way. I’m so grateful to be surrounded by families who are creating amazingness in the homeschooling world.
* I’m grateful our Passover Seder was a success. I toyed with the thought of not doing it this year because of Blythe’s rehearsal schedule and a host of other commitments we have had this month, but I am so glad we pushed ourselves to do it again. We had a grand time recounting the plagues, the miracles, the songs and the prayers of the Children of Israel. I love Passover!
* My nephew, Easton, was blessed on Sunday and we had such a great time getting together with family and friends to celebrate Easter, birth, and togetherness. Easton is working miracles…people came to church that haven’t stepped inside a church building for years. I love that boy!
* Yesterday’s catapult contest was so fun! The kids loved it and despite the wind and slightly frigid temps, we made it through. I have pics that I will post later.
——————————————————————————————————————————–* My husband is working with a really difficult child right now and is getting hurt each day…I am grateful he is still walking and has been quick enough to dodge the worst of the blows.
——————————————————————————————————————————–* Today I am thankful to be alive. So thankful to be here with my children and husband and to have the opportunity to bless them with my love. Many people I care about have passed away recently and each time I am reminded to love a little more, hold a little closer, teach a little more powerfully, and cherish each moment with those I love. In the busyness of life, I often forget what a blessing it is to wake up each day with my family…to have a blank slate of hours on which to paint our lives together. I want to create magic with those I love…how do I forget that goal so quickly as the hours roll on?
Fisher is up and begging for me to read to him, so I am going to go snuggle up my little red-headed cuddler and start the day off right creating some magic with him.

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