May 11, 2011

Today has been a day to get clear, real clear on what exactly I want. I have come to some decisions.

1. I am determined to find out what this lump is. No matter the cost or time or anything else, I must know what is going on inside my breast.

2. I am determined to eat healthy, life-giving foods and get all these herbs down my throat each day.

3. I am determined to spend wonderful, soul-sustaining time with my children.

4. I am determined to connect with God and spend more time immersed in His word.

5. I am determined to feed my soul and the souls of those I love most each day. It may be a small thing or it may be big, but each day I must be fed and feed others.

6. I am determined to hold Richard close, to not push him away or try to stop him from loving me so much. Sometimes when I am scared I push away those I love most and this time I must not do that. I must open my heart all the way.

Pretty big decisions, eh?

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