new arrivals

May 11, 2011

Our mama cat, Sarah, is having kittens this morning. Only one kitten has been born so far, but Blythe is certain there are more on their way. The one kitten that has arrived won’t open his mouth to nurse and Keziah has been very concerned for the last several hours and has been trying to help it nurse. I keep telling them to just leave Sarah and her baby alone and it will all work out. Mamas usually do much better when they aren’t interfered with.

Keziah turned back to me and said “But mom! I think the kitten is autistic!”

I nearly peed my pants. So funny!

We also have baby chicks we are trying to keep alive and it looks like puppies are on their way as well, so very soon we will have a whole plethora of babies.

The kids love all the excitement and are all working hard to keep their little ones alive and well. We’ll see how many survive this year. Hopefully more than in the past!

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