fisher the entomologist

Jun 28, 2011

Fisher and I had an adorable conversation at dinner yesterday. He has always loved bugs. Anyone who knows him even a little knows this about him. He spends many, many hours each week finding various creatures, building houses for them, watching them, and finally letting them go (at least sometimes he lets them go!). Lately he has been on a butterfly kick.

This is how our conversation went:

Fisher: I wish my butterflies could sit on a stool with me during dinner.

Me: That would be fun, wouldn’t it?

Fisher: Yeah, I don’t want to eat without my butterflies.

Me: Do you think you will grow up to be an entymologist?

Fisher: silence

Me: Do you know what an entomologist is?

Fisher: Yes, it is a person who collects bugs.

Me: It sure is!

Fisher: I want to be a scientist (while shaking his head ruefully).

Me: Well, an entomologist IS a scientist! They are scientists that study bugs.

Fisher: I want to be a scientist that studies butterflies. Butterflies are my favorite thing.

They sure are buddy…for this week anyway! It is such a gift in my life to spend my days with my children watching them discover this amazing world which God created for us. I love watching their interests change, expand, and fluctuate. We are designed to be curious beings and I am so glad my children have the freedom to let their curiosity run wild.

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