potw: if all the seas were one sea

Jun 20, 2011

The last few weeks we have had some pretty simple poems. I decided to move up to the next level of difficulty and see how Annesley and Fisher do with this one. All of these are easy-peasy for Keziah and Blythe, but it is still fun for them to all work on the same memorization each week.

Here is an old favorite from Mother Goose:

If All the Seas Were One Sea

If all the seas were one sea,
What a great sea that would be!
And if all the trees were one tree,
What a great tree that would be!
And if all the axes were one axe,
What a great axe that would be!
And if all the men were one man,
What a great man he could be!
And if the great man took the great axe,
And cut down the great tree,
And let it fall into the great sea,
What a splish splash that would be!

I think I will challenge the big girls to write their own poems in this fashion and perhaps we will do some artwork based on the concepts in this poem. I love building the picture of a great big man and a great big axe cutting down the great big tree and imagining just how big that spash would be. Fisher is in love with Paul Bunyan, so I think he will really take to this poem.

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