Six Weeks Old

Jul 12, 2011

Six Weeks Old

We have been having so much fun with these puppies. Keziah does most of the work with them, but we all have had to pitch in to keep them safe, socialized, warm, fed, and dry…and chase off the owls that keep eyeing them. We have all loved holding them and watching them grow up. It is amazing to see the progression. It seems like each day they are bigger than the day before.

Keziah is selling these puppies for $20. They are lab mix puppies. Sadie is a pure bred black lab and one of the fathers is a black lab. We think there are three fathers and we don’t know what the others are. All the puppies are friendly and have been handled by lots of children. Sadie is an extremely calm and gentle lab. She loves our family, sleeps in Keziah’s room, lets babies crawl all over her, thoroughly enjoys being rubbed, and has been a fabulous addition to our family. One of the white lab puppies has already sold, but is staying here for a few more weeks. The rest are available and you are welcome to come pick yours out now and we will hold it until they are eight weeks or you are ready to bring your puppy home.













Pretty cute, eh?

I am SO not an animal person, but having animals in our lives has been really wonderful for our family. My children have to work hard taking care of them, it softens their hearts to have stewardship for some other living creature, they have learned a lot of lessons about birth, death, and sickness, and they have been blessed by the companionship an animal brings. When the girls were little, they were terrified of dogs. It drove me batty. Every time we were near a dog, they would start screaming. I decided the only way to cure them of this was to get a puppy for our family. Even though Shiloh wasn’t that great of a dog for us, they fell in love with him and have been dog lovers ever since. Now they are the ones helping children feel safe around dogs and luckily, we now have the perfect dog to help children conquer their fears because Sadie is the gentlest dog I have ever seen. She is so incredibly patient with us humans that some people even bring their children to our home just to play with Sadie.

Orders are being taken now…first come, first served.

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