the cycle of life

Aug 1, 2011

We have had another death at our home. Last night Richard found a kitten in the garage which explained why Sarah, our mama cat, had been acting so funny yesterday about wanting to get in there. We had no idea she had given birth in there on Saturday morning and that her baby was all alone. We quickly brought the kitten in the house and brought Sarah in to take care of her. Sarah nursed her and licked her and warmed her right up, but this morning the kitten died.

I sometimes wonder (really, really wonder) if all the hassle and noise and trouble of having animals in our lives is worth it. There are days I want to get rid of them all so I only have four living beings dependent upon me and my resources.

Sometimes I wonder how many more deaths my children’s psyches can handle. I cannot count the number of funerals we have had over the years. I’m positive it is over fifty. Sometimes my heart breaks when I see how much pain they are in over another animal death. Sometimes I wonder if we are just complete failures at this whole animal business.

But, then, if I really think about it, I know it is worth it. My children have great compassion for all of Heavenly Father’s creatures. My children feel responsible to help and serve and love animals of all varieties. My children feel comfortable around all sorts of animals; they love collecting insects, rescuing birds, playing with dogs, tracking down deer, and spotting owls. They have to sacrifice their comfort, money, and time to take care of the animals we have stewardship for. They get to watch a variety of animals being born and completely understand how birth works. They have been blessed to doctor some dying animals that have survived and have had to learn to say goodbye to the ones who do pass away. They have learned many of the tough lessons of life…and they have had oodles of joy from these animals.

So, as we have another funeral today while searching for adoptive homes for the last four puppies, I am going to focus on the blessings these animals give our family.

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