happy birthday grandma

Sep 2, 2011

Today my grandma would be 93. Fisher asked me about her this morning and it brought all sorts of memories back to my mind. I remember her standing at the stove fixing piles and piles of pancakes. I remember her hanging the laundry on her clothesline and how charmingly domestic it looked to have all the sheets blowing in the wind. I remember her playing Canasta with anyone who would play with her. I remember her singing and meaning every single word with all her heart. I remember her baking cookies…hundreds of cookies. I remember her Christmas candy plates made up for all her neighbors, family, friends, and lots of extras for whomever would happen to stop by during the Christmas season. I remember her driving down the dirt road to Green River Lakes and having the rut in the middle of the road prove a large obstacle for her little blue car. I remember being stopped by a cow one day on that same road. The cow wouldn’t move and neither would Grandma…the cow put her hooves right on top of the hood to try to get us to move, but we just sat there until the cow finally gave up. I remember her riding with me to take my driving test. By then I had been driving for years illegally, but to put on a good front, I drove to her house and picked her up so it looked like I was following the rules. I remember being snowed in at her house after Grandpa’s funeral and cherishing the extra time I had to sit and be with her. I remember the year I spent coming to her home once a month for five days at at time to take care of her. I remember pushing her to church in her wheelchair. I remember her smile. I remember her soft cheek. I remember her laughter. I remember feeling safe and secure and loved…always loved.

Happy Birthday Grandma…we all love you so much.

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