thankful thursdays 11/10

Nov 10, 2011

Today is a busy day…lots of laundry and dishes need dealt with as I have kind of taken the week off of housework so I could work on my blog redesign…and I am getting ready for my Worldviews and YOU! class for adults on Saturday. As I was upstairs washing dishes and listening to a story on the life of Elizabeth I, I kept thinking of things I was grateful for and decided I needed to NOT skip my Thankful Thursdays posts like I was thinking and instead take a few minutes to focus on my blessings.

  • I am grateful for the conveniences of the modern world. I can have a disaster-land of a kitchen and thanks to vacuums, dishwashers, and hot water running into my house, I can get it clean pretty quickly. Same with the laundry. Washing machines and dryers save me and my sanity day after day. I sometimes yearn for the supposed simplicity and slower pace of the by-gone era, but today I am just going to focus on how today’s world makes my life easier.
  • I am REALLY grateful for a sink with a middle divider that is slightly lower than the outside walls. On a fairly regular basis I start filling my sink and then walk away. I did it again today and when I remembered I ran to the kitchen in a panic, but thanks to that handy middle divider, the water was spilling right into the other side instead of running down onto my floor. I can’t even tell you how many times we have been saved from a flooded kitchen by this one little feature…worth it’s weight in gold, it is.
  • Noticed the new changes on here? Well, today I am grateful for my new look on here. When it is done I will do a tour for you so you can find your way around, but until then, just know my heart is singing with joy to have an updated site. I needed something new and fresh and happy and colorful and I am getting it. Hopefully all the changes will be done by this weekend, but who knows? These things take longer than one might think!
  • I am grateful for this lovely fall weather we are having. It has been cold, but most days the sun is shining and except for a few skiffs of snow, the ground is clear. My children have thoroughly enjoyed bundling up and playing outside this week.
  • Quality literature makes my life so much easier as a mom. So many of the lessons I could teach by lecture or discussion are taught so much more powerfully by example in the books we read. This week we are reading The Great and Terrible Quest and the little boy in it has a heart of kindness and courage. I can see my own children’s hearts being touched by his goodness and being inspired to be like him. Priceless lessons that remind me that all the effort to make family read-aloud time a priority is worth it.

Back to my ginormous stack of dishes needed washed.

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