turning it around

Nov 1, 2011

Fisher and I had a rough morning with reading. He gets so frustrated and starts feeling like he will never understand the magic of letters, much less words.

So, after learning time with everyone else, we took off for a date. We went and got his hair cut, which he has been desperately wanting (and needing!) for weeks. Then we went to a used book store and bought Miss Lea’s Bible Stories For Children. He is currently obsessed with the Old Testament and we finished our Old Testament Stories book last week, so this will be a fun way to go back and read them with a little more depth. Then we went to a store to buy cording and pony beads to make these awesome math counting ropes. We had a little bit of time left before we had to pick up Blythe from voice lessons, so we went and got some garlic bread to share. While we waited for it to cook, we made a math counting rope. His has orange cording and twenty green and yellow beads. For the next thirty minutes or so, we did all sorts of math problems. 2 + 3, 9 + 5, 10 + 7, 20 + 5, how much is 4 20s, how much is 2 30s, how much is 3 20s, how much is 4 5s, how much is 6 5s, how much is 4 25s, how much is 2 100s, how much is 50 + 40 and on and on it went. He loves numbers. He can see them in his mind. We giggled and played around with his math rope and he made plans to build a 100 number math rope. We finished our date with him feeling confident and capable and loved by his mama.

So much better than this morning.

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