transformation: rules

Aug 26, 2012

I am NOT a rule follower. In fact, I don’t think my brain even interprets rules as rules, it seems to interpret them as suggestions or “a possibly good idea, evaluate for yourself”. Often, even the more mention of a rule drives my mind right into “what a stupid rule, why would anyone do that?” or “LUNACY!”.

But I keep wondering if perhaps a few rules in my life might help me. I don’t have a lot of hope that I can change nearly 40 years of rule breaking, but I am going to give it a try (folks, nothing else has worked, so I have nothing to lose here). I have been pondering some rules I could implement in my life that would actually make a difference for me and would not just set me on a self-destruction path of failure. I have been a teensy-bit tempted to make a loooonnnngggg list of everything flaw I have and the remedy for it, but I keep focusing on the 1% principle vs. the 100% devil and reminding myself to start small. Hence, babystep #1 and babystep #2.

Sooo, these are my rules to work on this week:

1. Kneeling prayer at the foot of our bed every night (instead of no prayer or prayer when I am snuggled under all the covers or prayer when I am nearly asleep).

2. Hanging up clothes on a hanger in the closet the second they come off my body (instead of draping them on my bed, bathtub, or hamper).

3. Making my bed right when I get out of it in the morning.

I have a whole honkin’ list of other stuff I need to improve on or completely change, but I am forcing myself to keep myself to these three for now. I should probably only choose one, but I am going to stick with three and see how it works for now.

Why these three things? Well, let me explain. With number one I am hoping to create connection with my husband and with God right before bed. I am really hoping for a side benefit – that my brain will be so focused on goodness and calmness that I will not be tempted to stay alert for several more hours reading or perusing the internet. This will help me get up earlier the next day as well. Number two…well, it is a big problem for me. I almost always take my clothes off and don’t take care of them, which leads to big messes in my bedroom. I am serious about developing some new habits in all areas of my life, but especially my bedroom, and this is a small thing that will bring big rewards right off the bat. Number three is a huge one for me. I rarely make my bed. It never occurs to me to make it. I do, however, love the look the look of my bed when it is made. I think that having an orderly bed will help me stay focused on keeping the rest of my room clean and will communicate a peaceful, calm energy that I need to be immersed in if I am ever to succeed in this transformation.

I have put it out there…now I need to make it happen.

Carpe diem!

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