sore, but moving a little

Sep 11, 2012

Yesterday Jennifer drove me down to get my seventh round of injections. After an hour plus wait, Dr. West finally came to work on me. He tested my range of motion, my joint stability, and my pain levels. He decided the approach for the day would be one injection into the labral tear and then many injections into the trochanter bursa and surrounding area. Unfortunately, that bursa injection triggered the nerve response just like the first injection back in April. Lightening bolts were shooting down my leg and throughout my pelvis. Labor breathing, hand-holding, and lots of screaming got me through – I hope I didn’t break Jenn’s hand or ear drums.

Last night I couldn’t move much and Blythe had to help me to the bathroom more times than I can count, but this morning I was able to get up by myself, so progress is being made. Yesterday I was sore enough I decided I probably wouldn’t make it to iFamily on Wednesday, but now I think I might be able to swing it. We will see how the day progresses.

These Prolozone treatments are not for the weak, they take all the courage I have. The day of my injections I am sick to my stomach, can’t eat, poop a gazillion times, and am generally a giant ball of anxiety. Then the injections hurt. Bad. It is not like a shot. It is like being shocked for minutes on end, full of so much pressure you think your inner organs will explode right out of you, and being paralyzed all at the same time. It is a bizarre experience. But it works. I am healing. I am moving better all the time. I can’t wait to be 100% functioning again!

Thanks Jenn! You were a fabulous injection doula!

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