all under the same roof

Nov 27, 2012

all under the same roof

My siblings were all here this past week for Thanksgiving. It is a pretty rare event, so before everyone took off we had some pics taken. Not professional pics, not good lighting pics, not matching outfits pics, not do everyone’s hair cute pics, just everyone in the same picture pics. We had our little friend Courtney take them because she was here hanging out with Keziah. She did a great job with the tools she had.

Here is one with all of us…except Andie, my niece, and Leonard, my stepfather.


My mom and all her children with Mikelle, Mom, and me on the back row and Stephen, Scott, and Cameron on the front row.


Adults…Logan, Mikelle, Me, Mom, Nicole on the back row and Stephen, Richard, Scott, and Cameron on the front row.


Love this pic of my brother Cameron and Nicole. I haven’t see that light in his eyes for a long, long time.


Here are some snapshots of our squished Thanksgiving dinner. My dining room is full of a piano and six large bookshelves, so there isn’t a whole lot of room left for feeding people. Somehow we got two tables and fourteen people to fit.

Getting their food



Using the piano bench as a serving table.


Mom and Mikelle


Scott and Logan carving the turkey.


Richard making his delicious mashed potatoes in the giant 22 quart pan.


We love them with the peels on.


Nicole feeding Cameron breakfast on Thanksgiving morning…how big a bite can he handle?


On Tuesday, Mikelle did six haircuts and two colors (mine and Jessica’s) and her pregnant feet were bruised by the end of the day.

Here is Cam’s


Nicole cut 12 inches off her hair and has a whole new look! I wish I had better before pics, but the after ones are super cute.





While all the haircuts were happening, I had the crazy idea to clean out my kitchen cupboards. They were disgusting! No before pics, but don’t they look fabulous afterwards?




Mine colored, but not cut…I had to lie down for a while and rest my hip before I could get into position to cut it.


Annesley’s cut…took quite a bit of convincing this time. She wants to grow her hair out long like her friend Abby’s. But she finally consented and told us exactly where to cut it to.



Keziah and Jessica also received new cuts, but somehow we missed taking pictures of their long locks. You can see my cut in the family pics up above…suffice it to say, I have bangs for the first time since I was a little girl! Just a few, but it is enough to drive me batty. It is also asymmetrical, which is a new thing that I am adjusting to. I love my cut when I can figure out how to style it, but there is a learning curve here and I don’t have it mastered yet.

I wish I had taken pics of all the Rook playing, football catching, and other silliness that went on, but I missed it all. I need to figure out how to REMEMBER to take pictures!

Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with family and love and fun!

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