the ups and downs of life

Mar 18, 2013

  • Olivia, Keziah’s hamster died this week. Last night was her funeral. Keziah was too upset to participate. Sometimes that is how it is with death – we think avoidance will alleviate pain. It usually doesn’t work that way.
  • I made sourdough bread for the first time in many months and it is delicious. My sweetie stayed up with me until 11:00 so he could have a warm slice right out of the oven. I have been feeding and reviving my start for months and months and months and all that work and wasted flour was worth it to see the smile on his face as he scarfed it down. Unfortunately Sadie ate one of the loaves this morning!
  • Our Subaru, which we have named Pippin, has been driving quite erratically. He chugs and gasps for breath and hasĀ  a cylinder 4 misfire. He and I had a talk last week and he has driven perfectly well since last Monday. I am hoping that now that he has a name and a duty he will behave better.
  • I orchestrated a huge book order for lots of local educators from Bluestocking Press. They shipped it out super fast – two days from order to arriving at my house. So exciting! But like many things in life all was not sunshine and roses – the UPS man left the box at my gate and as the snow melted it soaked the box (I am giving him the benefit of the doubt that the sidewalk wasn’t wet when he set it down, but who knows for sure?) and the books inside. The replacement books arrive today and I am hopeful he won’t make the puddle mistake again.
  • My dryer takes 2+ hours to dry a batch of laundry. But my washer and dryer are 16 years old so I am thinking I am doing pretty well since I have heard of lots of appliances dying every six years or so.
  • Homeschool Prom was Friday night. Blythe and her friends had an amazing time. Unfortunately I have not a single picture to prove it.
  • I have finally figured out that my pudendal nerve is damaged. Through a series of google searches I ended up on an organization’s page that was discussing labral tears and pudendal nerve damage. After devouring the page, I figured out that yes, my pudendal nerve is damaged and causing some of my hip pain. Not a huge surprise, but interesting nonetheless. Good thing Fisher is worth all the damage his birth did to me or I might have some anger about it. Instead I am amazed God blessed me with him and then worked a huge miracle to fix my insides enough to get Annesley here as well.
  • Freckles is a wonderful book.
  • Barefoot Books Podcasts can cheer my Fisher up in less than ten seconds flat. His love of stories warms my heart.
  • I think I have a cavity. I don’t know what to do. I am pretty sure I can’t have any form of local anesthetic since I am allergic to Procaine and have had a reaction to lidocaine as well. Since my tooth is already hurting pretty badly I can’t imagine how I can get through a treatment on it without numbing.

How is your Monday going? More ups or more downs?

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