those goals of mine

Mar 11, 2013

Well, I bombed on the goals last week.

Maybe not completely bombed – I did make my bed every single day. I did a few three-second pushups during the week, but nowhere near ten a day. I didn’t even crack open The Jew and The Lotus. I didn’t do anything on my Word Study on Promise. So, pretty much bombed. But remember, I did get lots of other stuff done and held a successful Passover Seder, so I am still giving myself kudos.

I am determined to keep trying to improve in four areas each week. I may need to develop some other strategy to create success rather than just posting my goals and my weekly failures here, but for now I am going to post them again and psyche myself up to do them.

Physical: Sleep with my poultice every single night.
Spiritual: Word Study on Promise.
Academic: Read ten chapters of The Jew and The Lotus.
Random: Be kind and cheerful to Blythe while we look/shop/possibly sew???? a prom dress this week.

I can do this right? I can spend time doing things that are important to me. I can choose to take time to be holy. I can choose to love. I can choose to take care of my body. I can.

I’ll be back here next Monday to let you know how I did.

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