a ballet dream

May 20, 2013

a ballet dream

Since my Blythe was a very little girl she has dreamed of dancing. She has read many ballet books and watched ballet movies and productions, but until this year she has not had the opportunity to take ballet lessons. I begged a local dance teacher to create a beginning class for teens and she agreed to do it if we could get enough students.

Well. A project like that is right up my alley (don’t ask me to cook food for large groups of people though!) and I got right to work recruiting older girls for a beginning ballet class. Soon we had more than enough and the girls started learning and building muscles and increasing their flexibility.

A few short weeks later Blythe was invited to join the advanced class and soon after that she was ready to go on pointe. It all felt like a whirlwind to me. I thought we were signing up for a little beginning class one night a week and all of a sudden we were doing ballet three nights week, being fitted for pointe shoes, and hardly seeing our daughter at all. It was a huge sacrifice for our family AND it was worth it.

This past weekend was Blythe’s recital. She shined. She has learned so much in nine short months. She danced with both her beginning class and her advanced class, four numbers in all.

And it was lovely.

And I cried.

And I was filled with happiness for this girl whose dream finally came true.

Unfortunately I took video of the dances and don’t have very many pictures!

Blythe in her closing bow.

Keziah in her closing bow.


Keziah, Blythe, Spencer, and Madi

Madison and Blythe, dear friends and ballet lovers.

Blythe and Keziah after it was all over. See how happy she is. Maybe if she had a dance recital every day she would smile more often!

The entire company.

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