a mind of her own

May 19, 2013

My Annesley is *so* much like me. So much it brings me joy AND scares the daylights out of me.

Today after Sacrament meeting, Richard brought me home because my heart rate was up around 100 and my arms were numb. He went back to church and taught the lesson in Elder’s Quorum and after church started rounding up the children. But Annesley was no where to be found. Full on searching ensued by many people. Still no Annesley. Finally a man in the parking lot tells Richard that his wife just took Annes back inside.

It turns out Annesley decided to walk home by herself – down a busy highway where cars drive 60 mph. This couple saw her and thought it unsafe for her to be walking down the busy highway, so they talked to her and convinced her to get in their car with them to go back to the church.

I don’t know what is worse! The fact that she was walking home alone or the fact that she got into a car with someone. Be still my heart!

Yes, we will be having some discussions on safety and rules and all that jazz, but the truth is, she is super independent just like me and will do what she wants. Our only hope is to carefully guide and teach her in a way that she will choose to make the right choices.

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