new little ones

May 6, 2013

Thursday we had five puppies born. Saturday we drove to Kuna to meet Sandy’s (R’s sister) new baby and attend his baby blessing. Today all our caterpillars are safely tucked away in their chrysalises and will be emerging as butterflies in a few days. A few of our trees are covered in buds and I am sure the rest will be getting buds soon. Spring and newness and life are everywhere.

I love this time of year of rebirth and renewal.

Tomorrow is my birthday. 39 years spent on this earth. 39 years of learning and growing and messing up and learning some more. I am thinking of those years and how I want the next 39 years to be.

And yes, I will post pictures of these cute puppies and Sandy’s new baby as soon as I have them. My camera batteries are dead, boo-hoo.

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