a silly little bump that made me collapse

Feb 12, 2014

Remember how just a few short days ago I said no shaking episodes had ever happened at iFamily…well, nix that one…I guess there is always a first time for everything. At the end of the day some boys were bouncing around on one of those big balls you can sit on and hold on to a handle – anyone remember what those are called? I am too tired to go look it up. Anyway, they were bouncing around and having a grand time and one of them landed on my foot…my good foot, but my right side which is my bad hip…and glanced off my leg. As the pain shot through my nervous system, I tried to convince myself I was okay and even started to walk away from the boys and insisted to everyone around me I was okay.

And then I collapsed.

I wish I could make my body believe me when I insist I am okay. It isn’t being very obedient lately. Or maybe it is me that isn’t being obedient to my body? I don’t know.

What I do know is instantly people were on the floor with me icing my hip, rubbing out the cramping in my quad, giving me sips of water, and oodles of love.

After a priesthood blessing, being helped to the car by a small army of people, including poor Jen who was trying desperately to hold my hip into its approximate location so I could walk on it and several men who held up most of my weight, I made it home to my bed. Now my foot is throbbing and part of me is worried it is broken, all the muscles in my pelvis are sore as can be, and I am exhausted.

Jen insists I need a bubble suit to protect me from bouncing children, patches of ice, and most of all, my own recklessness. I think I need a strong body that can handle being bumped around a little. Maybe a combination of the two would be best?

Now I am going to fall asleep while reading about Abigail Adams and dreaming of a body that can take a little jostling.

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