four eyes are a thing here

Feb 18, 2014

The problem with having two parents with eyes that don’t work so hot is that those parents often create children with eyes that don’t work so hot. So far all of our children have needed glasses. We haven’t had Annesley tested yet, but she probably should be since we are batting a thousand in that department.

I need an eye exam so I can get a some new boxes of contacts. Truth be told, I really need a pair of glasses as well. Miss Annes broke mine a few years back and I haven’t replaced them yet. It seems every month there are more important things to spend my pennies on…isn’t that how it so often goes in life?

Fisher needs a new prescription. For the last six weeks or so, he gets horrible headaches when he reads to me. Yesterday I had him take his glasses off mid-read and he read much better and the headache went away, so I think his eyes must have changed recently. His father’s did the same thing when he was a boy, so it doesn’t surprise me too much.

Blythe has lost her glasses in the past couple of weeks. We keep searching for them, but they haven’t been found yet, so we may need to replace hers as well.

I think Keziah’s are fine, thank goodness! So now I need to figure out how to pay our taxes, get three eye exams, at least two new pairs of glasses, and two boxes of contacts for me (the joys of having one near-sighted and one far-sighted eye). Time for creativity and penny-earning ideas!

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