back in the saddle, i mean gym, again!

Apr 29, 2014

Banner day! Back in late November my body had progressed to the point of being able to exercise in the gym and I had a great two months of building muscles, not passing out, and feeling oodles of hope for my body. Then in January I slipped on the ice and tore some muscles and a few days later picked up a little girl at gym and separated my pubic bone. After a few weeks of being in bed with that injury, my right foot was injured when a boy landed on it while bouncing on a hippity-hop ball. It was worse than we thought and has taken much longer to heal than I ever imagined. At times I have wondered if I could go on trying to heal when it sometimes seems pointless, but God has walked with me these past four months and infused me with courage to keep trying.

And now I am back at baseline…the place I was back in November before these two latest injuries happened. My foot is not all the way healed, but I am out of the tape and it is feeling pretty good. The muscles of my lower leg still need to figure out how to take their superhero capes off and relax (they think they need to singlehandedly save my body from falling apart so they are tight as tight can be). Yesterday I was able to go to the big room at the gym and try all sorts of new exercises! I have been riding the Elliptigo for a few days and it feels great – good and hard and FANTABULOUS! Jeremy had me work a lot on lateral movements to strengthen both my pelvis and my feet and now I will do the same exercises at home.

The goal right now is NO NEW INJURIES. None. We must build some muscles right now while my body is in an okay place. So, off to ride my magic Elliptigo I love so much.

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