no idea of the road ahead of us

Dec 21, 2023

This photo popped up on my phone today for some reason. It’s from October 1996 when Blythe is two months old and Richard and I are wee babes ourselves.

As I looked at it, my heart welled up with gratitude for this life we have shared together. We had gone through some pretty hard stuff by then…three years into our marriage. And we loved each other and our precious baby deeply. But we had no idea the journey we would travel.

  • No idea how hard it would be to get our children here.
  • No idea how many times we would move.
  • No idea how many financial challenges we would face.
  • No idea how many health struggles we would endure.
  • No idea of the prayers we would pray.
  • No idea of the joy that would fill our home.
  • No idea of the faith that would be required.
  • No idea of the laughter that would explode out of us.
  • No idea of the adventures we would have.
  • No idea of the friends who would enter our hearts and change our lives forever.
  • No idea of the miracles.
  • No idea of the healing.
  • No idea of the gratitude.
  • No idea of the love.

We didn’t know how rich and beautiful and overwhelmingly good our lives would be. I’m so, so grateful for this man, this life, our family, and Jesus.

October 1996 at Yellowstone National Park
27 years later

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