book bonanza – a chanukah noel

Jan 13, 2011

A Chanukah Noel

Oh, my.

Read this book.


This book has been in our library box for several weeks (it is a Christmas book for heaven’s sake!) and we finally got around to reading it today during morning story time.

I must own this book.

This is a delightful story of a Jewish family who moves to France and how the little girl, Charlotte, is not at all pleased with the changes in her life. She doesn’t like the food, the schooling, the language, and she especially doesn’t like to be surrounded by Christmas and not be allowed to participate because she is Jewish. She feels desperately lonely and out of place until she hatches the brilliant idea to give “Christmas” to a poor girl at school who will not be receiving presents. Her parents, to her astonishment, agree to her plan and they all work hard to provide Christmas dinner, decorations, and presents to the little girl’s family.

I was crying so hard I had to keep stopping my reading to get a hold of myself. I loved it that much.

For any of you who try to bring Jewish holidays into your Christian home, this is a perfect book!

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