happy birthday mr. presidents

Feb 21, 2011

“I love America, yes, I do. I love America through and through.” (Opening line to one of our favorite songs from Take Your Hat Off When the Flag Goes By by Janeen Brady.)

Take Your Hat Off

Yes, I love this land that was established as a bastion of freedom. I pray we will have the education, courage, and skills to return to the days of our constitutionally bound federal republic. I pray for men and women to unite together to recreate a land of freedom. I pray for wisdom in our current leaders. I pray for an end to the nanny-state, an end to entitlement programs, an end to regulations that limit our freedom and create dependency among our citizens.

To celebrate President’s Day, we read Abraham Lincoln by Ingri and Edgar D’Aulaire. We are going to spend the whole week discussing Washington and Lincoln, freedom and slavery in all its forms, different forms of government, sacrifice, honor, and what it takes to be a truly great leader. My children loved our book for the day and I hope they enjoy our whole week.

Abraham Lincoln

If you like this book, you can check out all the other D’Aulaire treasures…we love their Greek Myths book!

We don’t want to just study the past on this special day. We want to make a difference in the world of today. We want to restore freedom to America. There are many ways to do this. On this day, we are supporting Ron Paul and inviting each of you to do the same.

I love Ron Paul’s vision of what our country could be like in our modern world. I am deeply grateful for his voting record in the United State House of Representatives. Since 1976 every single one of his votes has been in alignment with the Constitution of the United States of America. He is the only legislator with that record. Today, he has organized a Money Bomb…an attempt to raise oodles of donations from the people who support him. If you are one of those people, please join with me in donating today.

Here is his letter to our country:

Dear Supporter,

A great man was born 279 years ago.

George Washington was a freedom fighter, a leader, and one of our greatest Presidents. But, much of General Washington’s greatness was marked not by what he did, but by what he chose not to do.

He could have been a King.

Instead, he stood for Liberty and stepped aside after eight years, allowing our young Republic to grow into the greatest nation in Human history.

2012 offers our movement a tremendous opportunity. Our nation is beset with crippling debt, an out of control federal government, and a foreign policy that weakens our national defense and isolates us from the world.

But with hard work and determination, we can change course and turn our country back toward Liberty and all of its rewards.

Quite frankly, we need to elect a President in 2012 who will do a lot less: less meddling in the economy, less spending, less warrantless ransacking, less bailing out of Wall Street, less inflating, and less foreign aid and overseas intervention.

We need a President who will respect our Constitution, not someone who simply pays lip service to our traditions.

Because I want a President who does so much less, a lot of people ask me if this means I want a weak President.

My answer is “No!” I want a strong President – a President like George Washington.

I want a President strong enough NOT to take power he should not have.

It is no secret that I am weighing my personal political options for 2012, and that I am relying on Liberty PAC to fund my efforts while I make important decisions.

Monday, February 21st, is Presidents’ Day, which celebrates George Washington’s birthday, and we hope to make it one to remember.

On Monday, Liberty PAC will host its first-ever Money Bomb. Please mark it on your calendar and consider contributing. If we all come together and pitch in, we can take our country back from the statists that are stealing our Liberty and shredding our Constitution.

The next few months will be critical to ensuring a successful political operation for the 2012 cycle. I hope you will join me by making this Presidents’ Day, February 21st, truly special.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

Happy President’s Day to one and all whether you agree with me or not.

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