here come the bugs

Mar 16, 2013

I have two avid bug collectors in my home. They crack me up.

Here are some comments from today.

Annesley: Oh MY goodness! Signs of bugs! (I totally thought she was going to say “signs of spring,” but I was wrong.

Me: Hmmm, what do you have? (Seeing a whole pile of bugs in her hand right above my head.)

Annesley: Look, mom! Look! I have found bugs! Look at my worms and my big, fat slug! Ahhh, I am SO happy it is bug time again!

Me: Yes, that is exciting.

Then she put her cheek next to the bugs and sighs the way you would over a new baby.

She runs back outside to find more bugs…thirty minutes later she and Fisher are back with more bugs to show me.

Fisher: We are the only ones that love bugs. We are the only ones who find bugs. The rest of our family don’t really like bugs. Look at our giant pile of worms!

Annesley: Mom! Do you see our bugs? I am so excited to find bugs. I love my little wormies. Do you want to see my big, fat slug? Here it is! Look!

It seems the days of having my little ones inside with me for the winter are about to be over. We are back to exploring nature, digging in the dirt, playing in the mud, and housing hundreds of bugs in jars all over the house.

Welcome spring.

p.s. If you or your children like watching nature films, this one is really good. Annesley can’t stop talking about it after she watched it in her Where The Wild Things Are class at iFamily on Wednesday.

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