book bonanza: infinity and me

Feb 17, 2014

Oh my goodness, I love Infinity and Me SO much! We found it at the library on an end display and as soon as I laid eyes on the cover, I was melting. I quickly skimmed it and fell even more in love – numbers, adorable red shoes, curiosity, wonder, and genealogy all in one book!

Uma, the narrator, is confused about the concept of infinity. She can’t understand it and feels small and insignificant when she tries. Uma starts asking people how they picture infinity and gets a wide variety of answers. Charlie, her number loving friend, sees enormous numbers. Samantha, her bestest girl friend, sees a number 8 taking a nap, then turns the 8 into a racetrack that she drives around forever. Uma is still confused and asks her grandma how she imagines infinity. Her grandma says “I like to think about a family. First, you have the great-grandparents, then the grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren…it could go on forever.”

Swoon! Oh, how I wish I had written this book! It combines all my favorite things into one beautiful picture book.

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