May 5, 2014

24 ribs twisted and stuck and skeewampus. C1 – C7 shoved forward. Pelvis torqued 1/2″ higher on the right side. Lots of pain. All from one little fall.

Mr. Jeremy is a miracle worker. He moved all the vertebrae back to where they should be and now I can move my head from side to side. He fixed the ribs that were poking me and not moving correctly for my lungs to inflate. He quickly pushed my right hip back into position to level me out.

And that is as far as we got. There were so many bones out of place he couldn’t get to all of them in our forty minutes together. We are hoping someone cancels this week so I can get back in for the rest of the joints to be fixed. My shoulders, pubic bone, sacrum, and all those pesky bones in my feet are still not where they should be.

For now I am back in bed with an ice pack on my back and a determined attitude in my soul.

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