two weeks of walking

Feb 10, 2023

I’ve been walking full-time for about 2 weeks now…minus the 4 days I spent in a wheelchair after I fell and rolled the other ankle on the 27th. Last week I was having these kinds of thoughts.

“I’m walking!”

“I’m actually doing this!”

“Wow, this is amazing!”

But this week a shift has been happening and these are the thoughts I’m having.

“I’m a walking person!”

And I realized that last week I had been viewing myself as a disabled person who was able to walk in that moment. Much different than the thoughts this week!

In case you are wondering…this whole new walking with my own two feet thing is a learning curve. It’s easy for me to overdo. And I totally overdid today at gymnastics, which meant tonight I was resting this foot and helping it recover. Also, the nerves are still learning how to do all the things and today I almost tripped again…over another step! This time I was stepping up and my foot didn’t quite clear it and I almost crashed again. But I was able to catch myself and no injuries happened. Sooooo, I’m really working on paying attention to my body and my surroundings….neither of which are easy for me.

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