annesley aliyah

Apr 28, 2009

My precious Annesley is so stinkin’ cute! Yesterday at gym, she tried so hard to be big like the rest of the children. She tried to warm up with us by doing her walk-run with her right arm swinging hard. She wanted to jump off the vault, but once she got up there decided it was a bit too high and held on to me instead…but she thought she jumped and wanted to do it again and again. She loves the music and dances by bobbing her head and spinning in circles. She turned 17 months on Sunday…whew! Time has sure flown by with this delightful little girlie. Here is a picture of Annesley and Keziah from about a month ago.


Annesley was created one day and the next day we found out our business was closing. Since then we have had a lot of stress, anger, frustration, and sadness at that decision and its ramifications, but through it all, we have also had Miss Annesley with her bright blue eyes, wide-open grin, and spirit full of wonder and joy. She has blessed our family immensely and we are so grateful God sent her to us when He did. She was and is just what we needed to get us through with a smile in our hearts.

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  1. She’s a doll – I can’t believe she’s 17 mos! It seems only yesterday! :O

  2. I can NOT believe how fast time flies, and how adorable your kids are!! How are things going for you guys anyway with the job situation? I hope better!

    • tracy

      They are adorable, huh! The job situation is incredibly frustrating and we are praying for a miracle everyday. Actually, God has given us many miracles…people have blessed us and helped us so much. Now, we really want to be able to help others as they have helped us and to stop being the ones in need.