love is little

Apr 30, 2009

I have a favorite CD called Farewell to Nauvoo from a fabulous family band Fiddlesticks and it has a Shaker hymn on it called “Love is Little.” (For those of you who know about my obsession with the “Praise to the Man” song for the cello, that song is on another Fiddlesticks CD called Return to Nauvoo). I have pondered these words hundreds of times and they always bring a smile to my face. I belt it out at the top of my lungs and I sing it quiet to my baby. I love this song. I want to make a stitched pillow out of it, but then reality hits me and I think, “you crazy lady, when exactly would you fit that in?”

Here are the words:

Love is little, love is low
Love will make our spirits grow
Grow in peace, grow in light
Love will do the thing that’s right

Love is tender, love is best
In thy arms of holy rest
Keep me safe, keep me still
Always open to thy will

Love is little, love is low
Love will make our spirits grow
Grow in peace, grow in light
Love will do the thing that’s right

Love thy neighbor, heal thy friend
Tender mercies now descend
Full of hope, full of grace
As I gaze into thy face

Love is little, love is low
Love will make our spirits grow
Grow in peace, grow in light
Love will do the thing that’s right

Love surrounds me, makes me whole
Love eternal fills my soul
Free from sin, free from pain
When our Savior comes to reign

“Love will make our spirits grow”…love will make our spirits grow. It is my stewardship to help these little spirits grow, to help my spirit grow. Grow in strength, grow in kindness, grow in truth. “Grow in peace, grow in light”, here is the answer! If we want more light in our lives, more peace in our hearts, the answer is love.

“Love will do the thing that’s right”…do you ever wonder and worry and pray and think about what to do in a tough situation with another human being? I do. Once again, here is the answer. Love will do what is right. If my heart is full of love for the other person and for myself, I will be motivated to do what’s right. If pride, selfishness, fear, or anger are present, my motivation will not lead to what is right. Even if I do what is “right” with a heart that is not full of love, it won’t really be right because the other person will feel my lack of love and I will have missed out on an opportunity to bless that person with my love. Most of all, I will know, I know I will know deep down, that I was not who my Father would have had me be.

“Love surrounds me, makes me whole”…what a beautiful summation of my life. In the beginning of our marriage, my heart had a lot of holes, a lot of wounds, a lot of pain. My husband loved me and loved me and loved me. His love filled the holes. It healed the wounds. It took away the pain. Completely. His love helped me feel my Savior’s love and I was made whole. It is a miracle that continues to astound me today.

I cannot express to you the profound truths this simple song has taught my heart. Thank you to the Shakers for giving it to the world and to me.

You can buy this CD online at Deseret Book or download it here…enjoy!

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  1. Anne

    Thank you for your blog on love. I read it at least ten times. Quickly at first, then more slowing, then really read it with my heart. I tried to hear what you were saying. Tried to feel what you feel. I do know you LIVE this song, and the words – although they didn’t originate with you — found life within you. I am so happy that you met your husband and that he was able to use the Savior’s love to heal all your bruised, broken and torn places.

  2. Perhaps that is a project is one you could give your girls. ;) Or wait until your little one is a bit bigger. I would not give up on it though – sometimes we have the right IDEA at the WRONG time. Beautiful post.

    • tracy

      Or maybe just stitch “love is little” ????? The rest of the words could just be in my mind!

  3. I’m pretty much falling in love with your blog. Like head over heels.

  4. tracy

    Much better than some things you could fall in love with!

    Was I not just at your house? I am ready to curl up with Musicophilia and a big pot of popcorn. I love popcorn…really like totally addicted to popcorn. I make mine (actually Richard usually makes it) with olive oil and real salt…yummmm.

    Thanks for the pizza – very kind of you, me thinks.


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