the winners!

Apr 27, 2009

Drumroll please…

Headstand Contest Winners:
5 – 7 year-olds: Anna Dye – with her legs straight up!
8 – 10 year-olds: Logan Rowbury – AGAIN!
11 and up: Kaylie Wall – 9 minutes, 40 seconds!!! Totally Amazing!!

I decided to give the winners a $5 Jamba card, instead of ice cream…it’s all about health, right? Enjoy those jambas! Congratulations to everyone who participated! You have all improved so much and I am thrilled to pieces at your progress!

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  1. jessica

    Welcome to blogland!! I’m so proud of you :o)

  2. andrew

    I was wondering, can you do a headstand?

  3. andrew

    Wow. I wish I could do that. :(