stop the train

Jul 16, 2009

Stop the Train is an audio book we recently checked out from the library. It is about the settling of Oklahoma through the Homestead Act. It is so hilarious – Richard and I laughed all the way through it! This version is a full-cast audio production and the different character’s voices are one of the best parts of the story. It is almost 8 hours long, so it is perfect for long car rides or several afternoons of listening while you are sewing or canning. 517J1C4K3YL._SS500_

The story tells of a group of people moving out to Oklahoma to settle the town of Florence, but when they arrive, there is no town…yet. The book tells the funny, inventive, and courageous tale of a group of people working together to build a community in spite of opposition from the railroad company, which refuses to stop in their town.

We think you will love it!

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  1. jessica

    I have had such terrible luck with audiobooks at our library! They’re always scratched and skip!

  2. tracy

    Yes, sometimes they are scratched…but worth it anyway, don’t ya think? This one is scratched pretty badly on CD 7, so we don’t know what happens for that whole hour(!!!!), but the rest of them are good. We may have to start scrounging for this one at a used store since we enjoyed it so much…or maybe I will just check out the book and read it aloud to all of us so we can find out what happened on CD 7.