cuteness times 4

Aug 31, 2009

My awesome sister, Mikelle, came up to visit us for the weekend and made us all beautiful. She cut Fisher’s, Keziah’s, and Blythe’s hair and she highlighted my hair way blonde, waxed my uni-brow so I look like a woman, and gave me an adorable haircut. Woo-hoo! We are lookin’ good!

She even waxed my friend Amy’s eyebrows as a 34th birthday present to her. She can now go into labor knowing her eyebrows are in place and her toes and fingers are painted.

Fisher got his first short haircut. I have had such a hard time saying goodbye to his curls, but he looks all grown up now and is getting tons of compliments. Here are some pictures of this cutie-pie (yes, with an empty toilet paper roll and a pile of towels on the counter!):Getting it cutFisher's haircut

And here is a picture of my blondness, although it is MUCH blonder in real life. For some reason I can’t get the light right with my camera to show reality.

My highlights

Thanks Mikelle! You are a gem!

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  1. You always have adorable hair, Tracy! It looks great! Fisher looks so cute and grown up! I love it!